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CQ Fellows is a one-year, elite certification in cultural intelligence led by David Livermore. It includes monthly Masterminds, individual coaching sessions, and two in-person retreats to provide you with a mastery of cultural intelligence (CQ) applied to a specific context/domain. Upon completion, you will have created a new CQ resource to expand your influence as a CQ thought leader. 

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Benefits for CQ Fellows

This elite group will learn from the pioneering researchers in cultural intelligence while developing a lifelong professional network with the other CQ Fellows. Each fellow will deepen their expertise in cultural intelligence to emerge as one of the leading thought leaders in CQ globally. 

Become a Thought Leader

Publish a New CQ Resource

Lifelong Member of Society of CQ Fellows

Earn Increased Income From CQ Expertise

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“Thank you for creating this space and experience. I’m so honored to be part of CQ Fellows.”
Tara Hastings
Director of DEI, Rover

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Benefits for CQ Fellows' Organizations

Most CQ Fellows work inside organizations–F500s, non-profits, universities, or small and midsize companies. There are several ways organizations gain an ROI from CQ Fellows including the CQ Resource (curriculum, course, app, strategy) their fellow develops which may otherwise cost 2-3 times as much if an outside vendor created it.

Gain a new CQ Resource (e.g., app, course, strategy, tools) custom made for you

Provide top talent with professional network and development

Access expert consulting on issues related to culture, DEI, and global teams

Access to leading research on cultural intelligence and global leadership

“My vision is to develop a core group of thought leaders who lead the way in building a more culturally intelligent world."

What Are We Looking For in a CQ Fellow?

We’re seeking individuals from a diversity of backgrounds and experiences who want to become the go-to resource for cultural intelligence in a particular niche. If the following describes you, we encourage you to apply!

Intercultural Experience

At least 10 years experience working in culturally diverse environments

Cultural Intelligence

Actively using cultural intelligence in your work

Thought Leadership

Aspire toward becoming a leading expert in CQ for a particular niche

Peer Development

Bring diverse experiences and insights that add value to other CQ Fellows


What CQ Fellows Alumni Say

Upon completion of the one-year fellowship, CQ Fellows become lifelong members of the Society of CQ Fellows, a core group of thought leaders working together to build a more culturally intelligent world.