Become a thought leader in cultural intelligence

CQ Fellows is a one-year, elite certification using monthly Masterminds, individual coaching sessions, and two in-person retreats to provide you with a mastery of cultural intelligence (CQ) applied to a specific context/domain. Upon completion, you will have created a new CQ resource to expand your influence as a CQ thought leader.

The 2024 cohort is full. But if you’re interested in applying for a future cohort, add your name to the waitlist at the link below. 

Program Description

CQ Fellows is a one-year (Jan-Dec) elite certification program that provides you with a mastery of cultural intelligence applied to a specific domain.


Two, 3-day retreats (Singapore and San Diego). Retreats will include facilitated sessions on CQ research, time to work on your CQ resource, feedback on resource design, networking, and peer coaching. [Nov. retreat optional]. Expect rich learnings, sharpening dialogue, solo time, great food, and more.


Nine MasterMinds that include pre-work and discussion on a specific topic and 15 minutes for each member on the “hot seat” to gain feedback and direction. This will ensure deepened understanding and accountability as you expand your expertise and influence. Cohorts will be limited to 5-6 individuals.


Quarterly 1:1 sessions with me to discuss individual goals and your work toward completing your CQ resource. In addition, our group will engage in meaningful, online discussions between retreats and MasterMinds.


Create and produce a new CQ solution to expand your authority as a CQ thought leader (book, course, podcast, organizational strategy, etc.). CQ Fellows will provide the tools needed to make this a reality.

Program Content

The burgeoning body of cultural intelligence research will serve as the foundation for CQ Fellows. We’ll dig into the latest findings and talk about how to translate those findings for practitioners. The program is designed for both independent consultants and individuals working inside organizations.

The program content is designed with the confirmed participants in mind but the following is a minimum of the themes we will cover:


Learn how to translate rigorous research into relevant insights for real-world results.


Identify the audience, context and domain where you can have the most impact.


Develop a plan to create your new CQ resource. This might be a book, podcast, or a tool designed for your organization.


Gain tools for marketing your thought leadership in a way that is true to you and will expand your influence and impact.

Benefits for CQ Fellows

This elite group will learn from the pioneering researchers in cultural intelligence while developing a lifelong professional network with them and the other CQ Fellows. Each fellow will deepen their expertise in cultural intelligence to emerge as one of the leading thought leaders in CQ globally.

Become a CQ Thought Leader

Publish a new CQ Resource

Lifelong Member of Society of CQ Fellows

Earn Increased Income from CQ Expertise

Benefits for CQ Fellows’ Organizations

Most CQ Fellows work inside organizations–F500s, non-profits, universities, or small and midsize companies. There are several ways organizations gain a ROI from CQ Fellows including the CQ Resource (curriculum, course, app, strategy) their fellow develops which may otherwise cost 2-3 times as much if an outside vendor created it.

  • Gain a new CQ Resource (e.g., app, course, strategy, tools) custom made for you
  • Provide top talent with professional network and development
  • Access expert consulting on issues related to culture, DEI, and global teams
  • Access to leading research on cultural intelligence and global leadership


USD $12,950 if paid in full or $1,295/month for 12 months.

Fee includes all sessions, content, materials, personalized coaching and feedback, and lifelong membership to the Society of CQ Fellows. Fee does not include travel, accommodations, and meals for in-person retreats.

2024 Dates

Singapore Retreat: 11-13 March 2024 (required)

San Diego Retreat: 5-7 November 2024 (optional)

Mastermind Meetings: Jan, Feb, Apr, May, June, Aug, Sept, Oct, Dec (2.5 hour virtual meetings)

1:1 Meetings: Feb, May, July, Oct.

What are we looking for in a CQ Fellow?


At least 10 years experience working in culturally diverse environments


Actively using cultural intelligence in your work


Aspire toward becoming a leading expert in CQ for a particular niche


Bring diverse experiences and insights that add value to other CQ Fellows


Jennifer Izekor

Founder & CEO, Above Difference

David Livermore has supported, empowered and enriched my professional and personal life in so many ways. As the first group of 18 CQ Fellows, we learn together, laugh together, dive deep, and work together to build bridges in a world full of fences. I’m so glad I decided to invest in this.

Rick Petry, J.D.

Mitchell Hamline School of Law

I’m buzzing with excitement and gratitude to be a part of this amazing cohort of CQ Fellows. Our time together is nothing less than incredible! Thank you David Livermore and team for bringing this amazing group of human beings together!

Loren Rosario-Maldonado

Author and HR Executive

 CQ Fellows is a collective that is unified in its mission to develop others. I am energized about this mission and the amazing work each CQ Fellow is building. I’m incredibly humbled to be part of the CQ disrupters.

Tim Barrett

Head, St. Andrews Institute of Learning

I have been to more conferences and retreats than I can remember. Nothing even comes close to the time spent with the other CQ Fellows. They are the most genuine, generous, encouraging and passionate group that I ever been involved with and I feel so privileged to spend time with them.

Dr. Kristal Walker

Vice President, Sweetwater

This experience is absolutely “affirming” for me on so many levels. I couldn’t be more grateful to be part of such an esteemed peer group and experience! Thank you David Livermore for your leadership, innovation, and expertise!

Tara Hastings

Director of DEI, Rover

Thank you for creating this space and experience. I’m so honored to be part of CQ Fellows.