I’m David Livermore and I’m insatiably curious about how people think and behave. I’ve had the ideal life for someone with as much wanderlust as me.

I never left the continent until college. But even as a kid, I was fascinated by people, places, and cultures. Once I started traveling internationally, I was hooked. I still get a rush from landing in a new place and discovering life there.

My professional life has been ideal for someone like me. I’ve spent the last couple decades researching cultural intelligence, global leadership, and myriad related topics like curiosity, innovation, and the power of problem-solving to get along.

I’ve led organizations and teams with people from a diversity of backgrounds, forcing me to ensure my research findings are practical.

My work has taken me to more than 100 countries, giving me the chance to learn from executives at places like Google, Alibaba, Qatar Airways, BMW, and the list keeps going. I’ve dragged my family with me whenever I can. There’s nothing like seeing the world through your kids’ eyes.

My hope is to help all of us be better humans. Whether I’m working on a new book, preparing for a speaking engagement, or consulting with an organization, I want to ensure that I’m helping us finding unity in our diverse ways of being human.

Together, we can all strive to be better humans, and make the world a better place for all.

What Others Say

Linda Hill
Linda A. Hill, PhD

Harvard Business School Faculty

David Livermore, who describes himself as a “straight, white, middle-aged guy”, shares what he has learned from his own research and journey about what it takes to address what feels like an intractable problem in our organizations and communities – polarization.

Dan Pink
Daniel H. Pink

#1 New York Times bestselling author

In times like these, it’s easy to throw up our hands and conclude that we just can’t get along. Livermore makes a strong, science-based case for why cultural intelligence matters. He shows us how we can all do better–to talk with each other rather than past each other and close the gaps that separate us.

Soon Ang
Soon Ang, PhD

Nanyang Tech University, Singapore

David Livermore weaves an intimate nonfiction thriller of encounters, travels, and colliding worlds of extro- and introspection. DIGITAL, DIVERSE & DIVIDED is Livermore’s best treatise yet on cultural intelligence.

Paul Polman
Paul Polman

Former CEO, Unilever

In a globalized world, the importance of cultural intelligence is increasingly relevant. For those leaders who want to succeed in today’s increasingly global and interdependent environment, David Livermore’s work is for you. He offers a compelling and refreshingly practical approach.

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