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David Livermore’s new book explores the links between curiosity, cultural intelligence, and travel. Learn how to harness the power of curiosity to make your travel better!

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Cultural Intelligence and Global Leadership

David Livermore, one of the foremost experts on cultural intelligence, is a frequent adviser and speaker to government agencies, Fortune 500’s, and charitable organizations around the world.

Learn how to get certified in Cultural Intelligence.

“Livermore’s work provides a compelling and refreshingly practical account of how and when to use ‘CQ’ to drive higher levels of innovation performance.”
–Paul Polman, CEO Unilever

“Livermore makes a strong, science-based case for why diversity and cultural intelligence matter more than you think.”
–Daniel H. Pink, Author of TO SELL IS HUMAN and DRIVE

“Dr. Livermore’s in-depth research provides the missing link to diversity efforts that are not being fully leveraged.”
–Andrea Kelton-Harris, Sr. Diversity Leader at Harvard University

“Livermore explains why modern multinational organisations need to be glocal and must understand that ‘There’s really no such thing as a uniform global culture.’ This message applies not just to marketing but to recruiting and managing teams of workers in different parts of the world.”
The Economist