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David Livermore


Getting the Word Out on Global Leadership and Cultural Intelligence


Keynote Presentations

My research on cultural intelligence and global leadership along with a career of getting to work and travel globally are the basis of presentations given at several conferences and leadership meetings each year. Each presentation is designed for the specific event and audience involved and usually includes video clips, humor, and opportunities for interaction. Chartwell Speakers handles my speaking requests. Click below to inquire about availability and fees.


Speaking Reel

Check out a highlight reel of some recent speaking engagements below

Speaking Topics

Below are just a few of the topics I cover during keynote presentations

Cultural Intelligence (CQ®)

Today’s workplace requires everyone to work cross-culturally. Whether it’s collaborating with diverse teammates, attending Zoom meetings all hours of the day, negotiating deals with global customers, or creating a more equitable, inclusive workplace, cultural intelligence is directly linked to effectiveness. David Livermore, the world’s leading expert on cultural intelligence, will introduce you to CQ and share research-based strategies for applying CQ to trust-building, problem solving, innovation, and myriad other priorities for today’s complex, culturally diverse workplace.

Global Leadership

We’re in an age of massive global disruption. Technological advancements are challenging century-old business models, globalization is re-ordering supply chains, and people are expected to work with colleagues and customers from vastly different backgrounds. Add an unexpected global pandemic and worldwide protests about racial injustice and it becomes clear that organizations need leaders who have the ability to respond swiftly, deliberately, and thoughtfully. Learn how to adapt your leadership skills to fit today’s diverse, unpredictable world. Master the ability to lead authentically and flexibly. And gain strategies for how to communicate, inspire, and lead inclusive, innovative teams.

Overcoming Polarization

(Based Digital, Diverse & Divided). Learning how to get along is the first thing we’re taught in kindergarten and it’s a standing topic at corporate retreats and international diplomacy efforts. Yet no matter what the issue, the divides between us seem to be getting bigger—vaccines, education, abortion, healthcare, policing, race theories, who to cancel, etc. But cultural intelligence research can teach us how to bridge the most polarizing divides. Master the power of using common problems as a critical catalyst for overcoming polarization. And gain strategies to use our differences to come up with more innovative solutions. Dan Pink says, “Livermore shows us how we can do better—to talk with other rather than past each other and close the gaps that separate us.

Global Engagement

Traveling overseas and building cross-border friendships used to be reserved for high-flying executives, military personnel, or missionaries. Today, there’s nothing very unique about vacationing internationally or doing a video call with friends on the other side of the world. Learn how to engage with the people, cultures, and issues you encounter internationally with curiosity, compassion, and respect. Develop strategies for supporting the global causes you encounter in ways that are helpful rather than destructive. And discover how to leverage your increased connectivity to expand your opportunities personally and professionally.

Black male team leader at business meeting


Leadership Dialogues

One of my favorite ways to use my leadership experience and research is to facilitate a dialogue with internal leaders around a topic like change management, personal development, organizational culture, or global integration. This isn’t a scripted workshop. It’s a facilitated dialogue that is informed by research but with the flexibility to follow where the conversational themes and energy. Contact me to co-design this kind of session with your executives.