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David Livermore


What Can We Do?

Practical Ways Your Youth Ministry Can Have a Global Conscience

This book, co-authored with Dr. Terry Linhart, provides youth workers with an overview of pressing global issues – like poverty, immigration, human trafficking, HIV/AIDS, and many more – and offers practical suggestions of how to respond.

Adolescents are growing up in a borderless world that’s as close as their fingertips.

They can send text messages to friends in China, watch worldwide events on their cell phones and purchase the latest fashion from Australia – all while driving down a country rode in Oregon! The days of thinking we can ignore global issues are over.

What Can We Do? gives youth workers an overview of key global issues—poverty, social class, racism, technology, environmental concerns, immigration, disease, human trafficking, and risky behavior (drugs, sex etc.). In addition to offering youth workers the 411 on these issues, the book is packed full with creative ideas about how youth workers can respond.