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David Livermore


Category: Personal CQ Reflections

Read about my thoughts and musings on topics ranging from education to government to entertainment, all flavored by the ideology of CQ. 
CQ in Organizations

How Global Leaders use CQ Everyday

Global leadership is not about geography. It’s about having the dynamic agility to lead anyone, anywhere. Many leaders understand this because it’s their daily reality. But

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Starting a New Chapter

Eleven years ago, Linn Van Dyne and I decided to build an organization that would take cultural intelligence (CQ) beyond the realm of academics and

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Are All White People Privileged?

You can’t have an honest conversation about cultural intelligence (CQ) without addressing white privilege,  the idea that white people inherit certain privileges simply by the color of

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EQ Does Not Equal CQ

My wife and I just dropped off our youngest daughter to start university. To say I was sad to leave Grace thousands of miles away

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