“Cultural intelligence” or CQ is showing up all over the place. I’m extremely grateful for a groundswell of interest in […]
Since the first edition of this book released in 2006, I’ve sometimes been approached at conferences by people who say, […]
[Guest Post by Brian O’Donoghue, Academic Director of Noesis Exec Ed, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia with David Livermore] I’m from Ireland […]
You’re running alone around a lake. You haven’t seen anyone else on the path for several minutes. Then up ahead, […]
Last week I was in Saudi Arabia. I was talking with a British executive living there with his family. He […]
Just about the time I think we’re beginning to overcome our ugly American image, the men who want the top […]
Expatriate Spouses need more than cultural knowledge to thrive. They need high CQ. –Guest post by Regula Sindemann I am not […]
I often watch customer service people interacting with foreign visitors. Inevitably, the foreign customer will ask the sales agent to […]
I’ve often prided myself upon how deeply I think and reflect about things….not at the expense of action. In fact, […]
I’m privileged to do work that I love. I write, teach, and speak about global leadership and cultural intelligence. People […]