Invest in your leaders’ development and learn a process for solving complex people challenges

Location | In-Person or Virtual

Length |  2 Days In-Person or a series of Virtual Sessions



“Global” leadership is not about geography. It’s about having the agility to lead anyone, anywhere.  Use your next off-site to invest in your leaders’ development while simultaneously working together to solve some of your most complex people challenges including:

How do you build a culture that’s inclusive, innovative, and results-driven?

How do you create a high trust environment with hybrid and remote teams?

How do you lead authentically while managing so many diverse preferences and work styles?

Based on thirty years of leading across borders and studying global leadership, I’ve designed the global leadership lab to invest in your leaders and guide them through an evidence-based method of solving complex people challenges. Upon completion, they’ll have a template they can use to lead a similar process with their own teams.


This is not a death-by-PowerPoint leadership seminar. It’s a highly interactive two-day experience designed with developmental strategies that are proven to have lasting impact for you and your organization. 

In order to ensure a high level of interaction with me and the cohort of leaders joining the program, the number of participants is capped.

The program will bring you on a journey that includes leading your own well-being, improving the way you lead others, and enhancing your skills to solve complex leadership issues with inclusive, innovative solutions.

You’ll gain firsthand experience developing an innovative solution to a core leadership challenge and work with a cohort of peers to practice leading through real-life scenarios.

We’ll eat together, tell stories, and develop friendships that will go well beyond our two day event. 

We will cover the following topics:

1. Leading Yourself: Adapt your leadership style without losing yourself

2. Leading Culture: Create an inclusive, innovative culture for remote and in-person teams

3. Leading Innovation: Design inclusive, innovative solutions to complex people problems


Organizational leaders who are responsible for managing projects and/or people 

Entrepreneurs who are building their teams and scaling their business

HR leaders managing change management and DEI initiatives

High potential individuals who are seeking opportunities to assume a leadership position


An enhanced understanding of how to leverage your leadership strengths for leading remote, distributed teams

A strategic foundation for how to create an inclusive, innovative organizational culture

A research-based model for designing inclusive, innovative solutions to complex problems

Out-of-the box thinking to adapt to the unpredictable terrain of leading in a digital, diverse environment

A personal development plan for improving your leadership effectiveness

Learn how to inspire those you lead with vision and purpose