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David Livermore


What Can I Do?

Making A Global Difference Right Where You Are

This book is written primarily for Christians and offers practical ways to respond to global atrocities like poverty, disease, trafficking, by providing practical things everyone can do. The book is packed with stories and practical direction for how every Christian can be engaged in global mission.

Do you feel paralyzed when you hear statistics about global poverty, disease, environmental decay, and human trafficking without a clue of what you can really do about it?

In this book, learn how you can make a global difference, right where you are.

Business and management professionals: See what made 200+ sales reps from Timberland go shoeless to help victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Science and technology experts: See how one man used his love for robotics to save the lives of children in Afghanistan.

Artists: See how one woman brought dignity to the home- less, addicted, and mentally ill through painting.

Health care workers: See how a doctor from Idaho set up medical training projects across southwest China.

Teachers and family: See how the gift of education and nurture helps children join God in making the world a better place.

Coffee baristas, attorneys, farmers, people working the third shift on the assembly line—there’s something here for everyone. Be inspired by how you can get involved and then use the decision-making process included in the final chapters to discern what you can do… right where you are!