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David Livermore


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Digital Diverse Divided

Digital, Diverse & Divided

In a world of increasing polarization, Digital, Diverse & Divided shows you how to use cultural intelligence to bridge our divides and authentically connect with those around

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Driven by Difference

Based on extensive research of more than 50,000 global professionals across 72 countries, Driven by Difference provides an innovative, scientific approach for how organizations can catalyze innovation

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The Curious Traveler

Curiosity can instantly connect you with anyone. It’s what sets us apart from robots and is a key factor behind curing cancer, stopping terrorism, and

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Expand Your Borders

Take a whirlwind tour through the ten largest cultural clusters in the world (Nordic, Anglo, Germanic, Eastern Europe, Latin Europe, Latin America, Confucian Asia, Southern

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Customs of the World

CUSTOMS OF THE WORLD illuminates how thousands of years of history and a legacy of practices passed down through generations create differences in behavior that

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Cultural Intelligence

This book applies to cultural intelligence (CQ), to the work of Christian ministry leaders at home and abroad. The book is replete with assessment tools,

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What Can I Do?

Do you feel paralyzed when you hear statistics about global poverty, disease, environmental decay, and human trafficking without a clue of what you can really

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What Can We Do?

Adolescents are growing up in a borderless world that’s as close as their fingertips. They can send text messages to friends in China, watch worldwide

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Global Youth Ministry

The world of youth has captured the attention of governments, global corporations, and the church. As adolescence and youth culture continue to develop throughout the

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