The Curious Traveler

See The World. Change Your Life.

Curiosity can instantly connect you with anyone. It’s what sets us apart from robots and is a key factor behind curing cancer, stopping terrorism, and resolving interpersonal conflicts. Meanwhile, international travel is the ideal laboratory for putting your curiosity to work.

Harnessing the power of curiosity will improve the way you travel. Based on decades of research on curiosity and cultural intelligence, this book explores the key findings behind curiosity and exemplifies it through exploring the dilemmas faced when traveling abroad. These include quandaries like Why do people always cut in line here? Why do they eat the fish eye? and Why would someone give me the wrong directions instead of just telling me they don’t know? In addition, Livermore provides practical travel tips such as how to exchange money, travel on a budget, and deal with jet lag.

Learn how to leverage the power of curiosity and travel to make you happier, connect with others, and solve problems big and small.


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