Since the first edition of this book released in 2006, I’ve sometimes been approached at conferences by people who say, […]
Most people I meet acknowledge the need for cultural intelligence. There’s growing consensus that life in our globalized world requires […]
Just about the time I think we’re beginning to overcome our ugly American image, the men who want the top […]
Everyday we get reminders about life in our borderless world… GE made $14.2 billion in profits in 2010 yet they […]
I keep hearing news pundits, colleagues, and friends talking about their amazement that the Japanese are so “calm, cool, and […]
As if you couldn’t tell, we just survived (?!) another election in the U.S. The craziness of it all is […]
I could rightfully be accused of seeing everything through the lens of cultural intelligence. But as I follow the lead […]
As an American who writes and consults on issues related to cultural intelligence, I’ll readily admit we Americans continue to […]
As I watch the news reports pouring in about the Idaho missionary group arrested for child abduction in Haiti, I […]
The transition into the second decade of the century has futurists busily forecasting what’s next. Over the last couple weeks, […]