Cultural diversity creates one of the best opportunities for innovation but it can also be one of the biggest roadblocks […]
There’s a growing suite of training, coaching, and books devoted to helping organizations understand Millennials—the term used to describe individuals […]
The $1.1 trillion buying power of Hispanic Americans hasn’t gone unnoticed by many companies. Bi-lingual staff, Hispanic focus groups, and […]
This morning Emily, my fourteen year old daughter declared, “I hate shopping!” She’s excited about going to homecoming this weekend […]
Yesterday I was traveling by car from Toronto to New York to visit my family. Driving across one of the […]
I often wince when I hear managers from outside the U.S. who are committed to the values of cultural intelligence […]
Yesterday I had the privilege of teaching a cultural intelligence workshop in Washington D.C. at the U.S. Department of Justice. […]
This morning’s Singapore Straits Times has an interesting article about an Asia-Europe Interfaith dialogue that just took place in Korea. […]