Leading with Cultural Intelligence

The Real Secret to Success

Cultural intelligence for leaders working in the globalized world of business, education, government, and non-profit organizations.

How do you lead with cultural intelligence? Whether you’re a CEO, a manager in a non-profit organization, or a solo entrepreneur, you know you shouldn’t wing it cross-culturally. But you don’t have time to master all the ins and outs of every culture you encounter.

Now fully updated, the Second Edition of Leading with Cultural Intelligence features brand new research, case studies, and statistics on the ROI of improving your CQ, as well as fresh examples from Google, IBM, Facebook, and other organizations. Practical and insightful, the book presents a powerful, four-part model for becoming more adept at managing across cultures:

CQ Drive. Boost your own motivation for, and confidence in, interacting with other cultures.

CQ Knowledge. Understand how differences such as values, norms, religion, family, laws, education, languages, and economic influences affect the way people think and behave.

CQ Strategy. Learn to plan ahead for unfamiliar cultural settings while remaining flexible.

CQ Action. Choose the right verbal and nonverbal behaviors, depending on context, and successfully adapt your behavior to each situation.

Easy to grasp and follow, the CQ model offers a straightforward, repeatable method for relating to and inspiring people from different national, ethnic, and organizational cultures in an ongoing cycle. The book provides valuable insights into common situations, from eating unfamiliar local delicacies to negotiating business deals, through the stories of frequent cross-cultural travelers and practices used by effective global leaders. You’ll learn how to lead cross-culturally—and continually grow in proficiency and comfort—by understanding the common factors that are critical to all cross-cultural efforts and to becoming an effective global leader.

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