Pricewaterhouse Coopers just released their annual Global CEO survey. A few highlights from their findings:

1. Managing and developing a globally astute workforce is #1 on the 2011 agenda of  the majority of CEO’s surveyed.

2. Over half the CEO’s plan to send more staff on international assignments in 2011.

3. Skilled employees with an ability to work effectively in multiple cultures is as valuable to a CEO as the employee’s technical expertise.

4. The CEOs surveyed have concluded they can’t run a global business primarily with expatriates. Instead, local expertise with the ability to work across multiple cultures is the key strategy for the next decade.

From Stephen Roell, Chair and CEO of Johnson Controls, “As we look at growing globally, we recognize we’re going to need a more diverse workforce, including more women and different geographic leaders.”

2/3rds of CEO’s believe there’s a limited supply of job candidates with the right skills to work through the opportunities and challenges in emerging markets and an ever-growing globalized marketplace.

See the full report here.

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