The most popular way many educational institutions develop cultural intelligence (CQ) and global mindsets is through […]
Giving and receiving feedback is difficult. None of us enjoy being criticized and no matter how […]
In preparation for our CQ Fellows Retreat next month, I’ve been revisiting hundreds of peer reviewed articles from […]
dec newsltr five c to consider
All business is global. It wasn’t always that way. But today, local start-ups, non-profits, Fortune 50 […]
What if you don't have lived experience
One of the first questions people ask me when they hear about my work in cultural […]
Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is no longer enough
The difference in the success of emotionally intelligent leaders versus those who are blissfully unaware is […]
What your participants are thinking
We repeatedly hear that diversity training can be a big waste of time and money. This not only […]
There’s abundant research that repeatedly shows that diversity on a team doesn’t automatically lead to better […]
I was recently working with a global marketing team that was preparing a campaign for a […]