Sometimes we spend so much time deliberating the ideal skills for cross-border negotiation and intercultural communication that we overlook one […]
Cultural intelligence doesn’t mean being a cultural chameleon. Sometimes when I attempt a Japanese bow, I notice my Japanese counterpart […]
–Guest post by Anindita Banerjee, a Certified CQ Facilitator and head of cross-cultural training at Renaissance Strategic Consultants If you’re starting to work […]
I’m constantly observing the way individuals’ cultural intelligence (CQ) comes through in their verbal interactions. I don’t mean whether they’re […]
Talk to most anyone who has worked on getting a deal in China and they’ll tell you stories about people […]
[Guest Post by Brian O’Donoghue, Academic Director of Noesis Exec Ed, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia with David Livermore] I’m from Ireland […]
Cultural diversity creates one of the best opportunities for innovation but it can also be one of the biggest roadblocks […]
There’s a growing suite of training, coaching, and books devoted to helping organizations understand Millennials—the term used to describe individuals […]
You’re running alone around a lake. You haven’t seen anyone else on the path for several minutes. Then up ahead, […]
Last week I was in Saudi Arabia. I was talking with a British executive living there with his family. He […]