My 15 year-old-daughter is preparing to travel to Thailand by herself next month. Emily has often heard me say that […]
Talk to most anyone who has worked on getting a deal in China and they’ll tell you stories about people […]
Growing numbers of Study Abroad students spend most of their free time on Facebook and Skype, communicating with friends and […]
Fatigue is one of the greatest roadblocks to cultural intelligence. When were exhausted, we’re much more susceptible to functioning an […]
  Many tribal cultures don’t have a word for “boredom”. Sitting under a tree for hours at a time, waiting […]
Last week I was in Saudi Arabia. I was talking with a British executive living there with his family. He […]
Expatriate Spouses need more than cultural knowledge to thrive. They need high CQ. –Guest post by Regula Sindemann I am not […]
Our family loves to watch the Amazing Race. Given our many travels together, we often think about how we would […]
A couple weeks ago I was with my family in Argentina. Empanadas are one of the staple foods in Argentina–a […]
In case you weren’t already convinced that cultural differences matter, brain research proves it. Culture shapes the wiring of our […]