I’m in Accra for a couple days. I’ve been here before but it’s been awhile. Here are just a few […]
Yesterday I was traveling by car from Toronto to New York to visit my family. Driving across one of the […]
Most people involved in international work are faced with the dilemma of what to do when “extra payment” is expected. […]
As I watch the news reports pouring in about the Idaho missionary group arrested for child abduction in Haiti, I […]
I spent the last couple weeks in Australia. I taught cultural intelligence in a variety of business, university, and non-profit […]
A group of US study abroad students bought 100 mattresses for several families in a Delhi slum. Within 2 days, […]
I’ve done my share of bartering throughout my years of globetrotting. Often it takes place when I’m trying to negotiate […]
Biographies, memoirs and novels are one of the most powerful ways to enhance cultural intelligence. Even if the culture in […]