Religious persecution of any kind: Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Judaism, etc. is a massive threat to all […]
Thanks to Steve Minter of Industry Week for the nice piece on how cultural intelligence helps […]
[originally posted at] Our struggling economy is hitting human resource professionals as hard as any […]
As I walked through Chicago’s O’Hare Airport yesterday, there was a more somber mood than usual. […]
This morning’s Singapore Straits Times has an interesting article about an Asia-Europe Interfaith dialogue that just […]
A group of US study abroad students bought 100 mattresses for several families in a Delhi […]
I’ve done my share of bartering throughout my years of globetrotting. Often it takes place when […]
Check out the “Change This ” manifesto on cultural intelligence just posted here. I love the […]
Yesterday I observed the powerful role communication plays in earning trust in a particular sub-culture. Our […]
Biographies, memoirs and novels are one of the most powerful ways to enhance cultural intelligence. Even […]