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We moved to Grand Rapids 7 years ago to develop the Global Learning Center at GRTS and Cornerstone University. It’s been deeply rewarding in so many ways. I’ve had the benefit of a position that lets me have one foot in the classroom and the other one in the trenches a real life global work. The university has provided me with the space to collaborate with world-class researchers and practitioners around the world who share my concern for global engagement that’s both effective and dignifying.

Over the last couple years, the interest and demand for assessment and training in cultural intelligence (CQ) has grown exponentially. As a result, I’m leaving the university at the end of December to devote my full-time energy toward developing an institute focused upon the ongoing research and advancement of CQ.

The interest in CQ spans a lot of interesting contexts—including NGO’s, government agencies, corporations large and small, faith-based organizations, and lots more in various places around the world. My colleagues and I are committed to leading in the generation of knowledge, assessment, and programs for growing culturally intelligent leaders and organizations.

We’re still figuring out exactly what our collaborative effort will look like but I’m really inspired to run hard at this. I’m an eternal optimist. I believe anyone can change. And I’m driven by the crazy idea that the world can truly become a better place when we apply the findings that emerge from the study of things like CQ.

I’ll miss my colleagues and students but I look forward to intersecting with them in new ways. And I look forward to the many new relationships that are emerging through this new adventure. Thanks for your interest and part in my work and life! I’m so blessed to do what I love and believe in. Stay tuned for more…


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