I can eloquently explain why some cultures value punctuality and efficiency  (“Clock-Time” cultures) while others place greater value on relationships […]
Expatriate Spouses need more than cultural knowledge to thrive. They need high CQ. –Guest post by Regula Sindemann I am not […]
I often watch customer service people interacting with foreign visitors. Inevitably, the foreign customer will ask the sales agent to […]
“Okay. Let’s get down to business.” It’s a familiar phrase for those who live in meetings in the Western world. […]
I’ve often prided myself upon how deeply I think and reflect about things….not at the expense of action. In fact, […]
Learning and Talent Development (L&TD) professionals are crucial allies for assessing and developing cultural intelligence (CQ). The findings of a […]
Our family loves to watch the Amazing Race. Given our many travels together, we often think about how we would […]
The $1.1 trillion buying power of Hispanic Americans hasn’t gone unnoticed by many companies. Bi-lingual staff, Hispanic focus groups, and […]
I’m privileged to do work that I love. I write, teach, and speak about global leadership and cultural intelligence. People […]
This morning Emily, my fourteen year old daughter declared, “I hate shopping!” She’s excited about going to homecoming this weekend […]