One time I was speaking at a symposium in Prague to a group of emerging leaders from Eastern Europe. After […]
THE CULTURAL INTELLIGENCE DIFFERENCE just released and is now available. The book provides a quick summary of the latest research […]
Most people involved in international work are faced with the dilemma of what to do when “extra payment” is expected. […]
I’m in Thailand this week. The other day, my American friend and I were boarding a plane here. My friend […]
As I watch the news reports pouring in about the Idaho missionary group arrested for child abduction in Haiti, I […]
This morning’s Singapore Straits Times has an interesting article about an Asia-Europe Interfaith dialogue that just took place in Korea. […]
Yesterday I observed the powerful role communication plays in earning trust in a particular sub-culture. Our university has a new […]
Biographies, memoirs and novels are one of the most powerful ways to enhance cultural intelligence. Even if the culture in […]